LNER 0-4-0 'Y' Locomotives

0-4-0 Tender Locomotives

The 0-4-0 is associated with the earliest steam locomotives, but one of a pair built as late as 1868 on the North British Railway (NBR) survived to Grouping (1923). Many of the Y9 'Scottish Pugs' also ran with wooden trucks as coal tenders but these were classed as tank engines.

ClassBuilderDesignerFirst Built Last WithdrawalComments
Y10 NBR Wheatley 1868 1925

0-4-0 Tank Locomotives

The 0-4-0 tank was a popular choice for light shunting duties where tight curves were involved, such as docks. Many railway companies used them, though their specialised work meant they were rarely needed in large numbers. Despite the longevity typical of such locos and the arrival of the diesel alternative, some British 0-4-0Ts were built as late as 1953 (to an LMS design).

The LNER acquired some 77 examples from the five larger constituents (including seven tram locos). Almost half were from the NBR (many attached to wooden tenders) and most of the remainder were from the NER and GER. Some 43 survived to Nationalisation (1948), including 33 of the NBR's 35 locomotives. The LNER added no less than 63 0-4-0Ts, mainly in the form of single-manned Sentinel locos. 59 of these survived into British Railways ownership.

ClassBuilderDesignerFirst Built Last WithdrawalComments
Y1 Sentinel 1927 1958 One-speed Sentinel Shunter
Y2 GCR/Manning Wardle 1883 1931
Y3 Sentinel 1927 1958 Two-speed Sentinel Shunter
Y4 GER Hill 1913 1963
Y5 GER/Neilson & Co 1874 1948 'Coffee Pot'
Y6 GER T.W. Worsdell 1883 1952 Wisbech & Upwell Tram
Y7 NER T.W. Worsdell 1888 1952
Y8 NER T.W. Worsdell 1890 1954
Y9 NBR/Neilson Drummond 1882 1962 Scottish "pug"
Y10 Sentinel 1930 1952 "Super Sentinel"
Y11 Simplex 1919 1956 Petrol Shunter
GNR Tram Simplex 1908 1926 Peterborough Shunter