The LNER 4-4-0 'American' Locomotives D1-D24

The 4-4-0 was introduced to Britain in the 1850s with outside cylinders. The inside cylinder form became the archetypical British express locomotive in the late 19th Century. When superseded by Atlantics or 4-6-0s the type was versatile enough to continue on secondary passenger duties in many areas.

At Grouping (1923), the LNER inherited 4-4-0s from all of its major constituents, a distinction shared only with the 0-6-0T. With 920 examples, it was the most numerous tender type after the 0-6-0, amounting to 12% of the total stock. The Great North of Scotland Railway (GNSR) was a particularly keen user, all 100 of its tender locos being 4-4-0s, including the only outside-cylinder variants acquired by the LNER in 1923. Another 45 4-4-0s of pre-Grouping ancestry were acquired from the Midland & Great Northern (M&GN) in 1936 . These included further outside-cylinder examples, although they were quickly withdrawn.

British Railways inherited 397 pre-Grouping 4-4-0s locomotives from the LNER. In addition to these, the LNER built 34 4-4-0s to existing designs and 76 three-cylinder D49s. All of these locomotives survived into British Railways ownership, although one of the three-cylinder locomotives had been rebuilt with two cylinders.

Due to the large number of 4-4-0s, this index has been split into two:

The 4-4-0 Locomotive Classes D25 - D54, can be found here

4-4-0 Tender Locomotives, D1 - D24

ClassBuilderDesignerFirst Built Last WithdrawalComments
D1 GNR Ivatt 1911 1950 "Ponies"
D2 GNR Ivatt 1898 1951 "1321" Class
D3 GNR Ivatt 1896 1951 "400" Class
D4 GNR Ivatt 1897 1928 Rebuilt as D3
D5 GCR Pollitt 1895 1933
D6 GCR Pollitt 1897 1947
D7 GCR Parker 1887 1939 'Green Bogies'
D8 GCR Parker 1888 1926
D9 GCR Robinson 1901 1950
D10 GCR Robinson 1913 1955 'Directors'
D11 GCR Robinson 1919 1962 'Improved Directors'
D12 GCR Sacre 1877 1930
D13 GER Holden 1905 1944 Rebuilt from GER T19 2-4-0s
D14 GER Holden 1900 1931 Claud Hamilton Class ("Clauds")
D15 GER Holden 1903 1952 Belpaire "Clauds"
D16 GER Holden 1923 1960 "Super-Clauds"
'38' Class NER McDonnell 1884 1923
D17 NER W.Worsdell 1892 1948 "Coppertops"
D18 NER W.Worsdell 1896 1930
D19 NER W.Worsdell 1893 1930
D20 NER W.Worsdell 1899 1957
D21 NER W.Worsdell 1908 1944
D22 NER T.W.Worsdell 1886 1935
D23 NER T.W.Worsdell 1887 1935 "Waterburys"
D24 H&BR M.Stirling 1910 1934